About us

Who we are

We are more than jus another burger joint. Our burgers deserve more than that and you do too. You don’t compromise on great food and we never compromise on delivering this promise. We insist on only using only the freshest and best ingredients. All of our staff are hired and trained to focus on our customer’s needs-One Order at a time!

What we value

Our values go beyond just making the juiciest, mouth-watering burgers. We are committed to our customer’s juourney in being able to experience a top of the line burger with our mission a focus on quality service, and value. Our team values great quality food that always leaves our kitchen, to your plate, with this mission in mind.

Where are we from

Our founder, Freddy Vargas, has been in the restaurant space for over 12 years, professionally managing and serving our community in the greater D.C area. He’s grow accustomed to making all of his guests feel valued and welcomed. Freddy has always had a passion for the culinary arts. He has visited several different cities including NYC, Chicago, and Las Vegas to experience their “foodle” element. His experience with preparing great food, coupled with his passion and focus transcends his latest andeavor Dyfre’s Burger


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